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Lerato House is a holistic empowerment programme for young girls at risk (11-18 years old), including abused children, children affected by prostitution, and victims of trafficking. Young women from 15-25 years old are served through the outreach programme, and advised, counselled and referred to relevant services.

Our general aim is to prevent further deterioration in existing crisis situations, such as extreme poverty, where girls have no opportunities to attend school, where family problems exist and where young girls have been lured into destructive lifestyles by friends.

Abuse and neglect in families are addressed and interventions made to improve the situation. When young women are supported in a holistic way, they don’t need to revert to desperate measures such as prostitution, or become involved with boyfriends for the sake of survival.

We want to restore and empower young women towards their rightful places in society, or within their families.